Felt Ball Fringe Cushion Cover - Green
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Cushion Cover - Ball Fringe - 30cm

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Beautify your room by introducing a nice splash of colour with this luscious cushion cover. Each felt ball are individually hand-stitched onto the fringe of the cover giving it a personalised feel. The back of the cushion cover comes with a YKK zip lining. 

As each cushion is individually handcrafted, no two cushion covers will be exactly identical. Hence you'll get a sense of customisation for each one. 

**Cushion insert are not included with the cushion cover.


Handcrafted in Nepal
Material 100% NZ Felted Wool
Product care Dab with a clean cloth
Weight 350g
Height 30cm
Width 30cm
Weight 1250g
Height 45cm
Width 45cm
Weight 350g
Height 30cm
Width 30cm
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