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Cat Cave - Ocean Blue

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If you have a rather large cat, this ocean blue felt cat cave should be roomy for your kitty to snuggle into. With the ocean blue colour adding a calming touch to your room, your feline companion will have a pawsome, cozy time napping inside. 

Hand-felted from 100% organic wool using azo-free dyes, your kitty will love the feel and smell of the wool and at the same time being safe. Also being an excellent insulator, wool can keep your kitty warm during cold season and cool in warm conditions. Dirt can be easily wiped off with clean cloth and cat odours won’t be absorbed into the wool due to its repellent attributes.

Your cat, with its curiosity, will be cuddling inside the cave before you know it. It will adore you for it in its own fluffy ways.

Handcrafted in Nepal
Designed in Melbourne, Australia
Material 100% Felted Wool
Product care Dab with clean cloth
Weight 900g
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