Felt Ball Garland - Colourful
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Ball Garland - Colourful

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Felt ball garland to add a "smile" to any room. Drape this colourful felt garland around windows, mantels, tepees and even treehouses. Whimsical yet simple, a perfect gift for any age.

Each felt ball is app. 2cm. Choose from 2 length options: 3m and 5m

Ethically handcrafted and coloured with azo-free dyes, our felted products are safe for children and pets alike. 

As this product is handmade, no two felt garlands are exactly the same. There will be slight differences in our products.


Handcrafted in Nepal
Material 100% NZ Felted Wool
Product care Dab with a clean cloth
Weight 80g
Width 300cm
Weight 80g
Width 300cm
Weight 120g
Width 500cm
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